Rosie is very ill......

If anyone is still reading this I am so sorry that i haven't kept in touch. I have found the blog difficult to find my way around for some reason. I didn't realise people had written - and I didn't answer.

All was going well until a few weeks ago, Rosie seemed to get a little 'poorly' nothing really bad. Then she took a turn for the worse, I took her to the vet who kept her for the day and put her on a drip and took blood tests. Apart from a fever and elevated white blood cells all else seemed ok. I took her home and treated her for the fever and had her on a 10 day course of antibiotics. 5 days later she became really sick so I took her into the vet again. They had her for 3 days, she had off the scale urea and creatine values in her blood. The vet had never seen such high values and in a very young cat as well (2 years old). The last few days have been a nightmare, we are so attached to Rosie. It was definitely kidney failure but wether acute or chronic would depend on the next blood tests after emergency treatments. Two days later and the blood tests were all back to normal - a miracle. We collected her and she is on a special food for kidney problems. The vet said the next week would be critical. She is very wobbly and still not at all the old Rosie. We are all just hoping that she gets better. Having read about kidney failure in cats it would seem that even if she recovers her life expectancy could be greatly reduced and she will most likely die of kidney failure. How she got it we'll never know. Grim news indeed, these little animals break your heart.

Since I wrote last both our other two cats died - one just short of 20 years (Landy) and the other (Tiger Lily) just over 20 years. On New Years eve we aquired a large (7.5kg) cat that had been living out for two years and fed only on dry dog biscuits (a long story that I won't go into). This was not planned but we felt we couldn't see him neglected like that any longer. Up until Rosie became ill the two cats got on quite well. Given the choice I would just have Rosie but what can you do? Cats that need me seem to turn up and I can't turn them away.

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Kolfart & Maja

31.05.2013 kl.02:25

We have been watching the blog from time to time, wondering what happend. We are so sad to read that Tiger Lily and Landy has passed away and that Rosie is not well. She really has been and is a very special little catlady who has found a special place in our hearts.

Hugs for you and little Rosie.


31.05.2013 kl.18:16

Oh no....little darling Rosie <3 I really hope that you get so much time you can with your two-legged friends, and the new cat.

Kidney failure is not fun at all. Why some cats get it, I dont know.

To make her get fluid, try to give her yogurt and such, god for stomach and for the fluid. In Sweden there is some veterinairy food from Hills called A/D. High nourishment. To make here drink more, you can put some shrimps in an big plastik box (litter box for example). Make her fish for it, when she do that she also gets wet and make some licking to make here fur dry...she get the water.

You can also check if she likes the yellow of an egg.

I have been here time to time, wondering how you are.

Im so sad to read about Tiger Lily and Landy, but I know that they have had the most wonderful life with you.

Many hugs to you all and some extra to Rosie

Love Brittmari

27.06.2013 kl.22:35

Thank you for your comments, I really am sooooo bad at this, I need an email to tell me when someone has written - like fb. She recovered very well BUT, a few days ago she started looking poorly again, a bit stiff, listless, not eating much then being sick. I took her back to the vet today and she had blood tests. They had to sedate her as she was completely unmanageable and the experience has left her absolutely wild. She won't let me be in the same room as her, growls and streaks off. Leaps at windows and frantically scrabbles at the shut cat flap. Hope she isn't scarred for life and forgives me eventually. She also got an x-ray which showed ALOT of gas in her intestines which would probably cause all the symptoms. I have got Hills I/D gastrointestinal biscuits and wet food for her, also a weeks supply of Fortiflora powders (live lactic acid bacteria). Brittmari, ty for the ideas esp the shrimps (I love it!), they are great. She did have some A/D at one point but was also on the K/D diet for about 3 weeks after her crash. What a worry, it is very comforting having your comments, people who I have never met who care! Thank you again.

Yes, I don't dwell too much on Landy and TL, I know they both had good long lives but it is hard even so. So much loss, I also lost my brother in 2011 and my brother- in-law earlier this year. I'm not good at coping with bereavement and as I get older it seems even harder whereas I thought I would get more accepting of the inevitable. Enough. I'll keep you posted I promise x


01.07.2013 kl.14:25

Hugs to you <3

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